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How to soften cold lay tarmac Cardiff Newport

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When driveways are constructed poorly, they may result in poor results. Pathways, road works, and small holes in driveways repairs are all made easier with cold lay tarmac. All essential layering requirements are fulfilled by using cold lay tarmac. It is already prepared to be used right out of the bag and provides excellent protection. A bag holding 25 kilograms covers an area of 0.20 square meters. In this topic, we have discussed how to soften the hardened cold lay tarmac 

Expose to direct sunlight

Long-term storage causes hardening, which makes it difficult to use. Before ripping the face open, put the bag under the sun just for 1 to 2 hours. When the temperature rises above 10 degrees Celsius, the tarmac softens and automatically regains its strength and durability.


The adhesive agents are segmented by heating, resulting in an extra liquid mixture. The heat cures the cold hard tarmac, but it damages it at high temperatures. Set up the right heating effect you intend to use, then heat the material using a blow torch.

You could even try propane rose lantern flame. Make sure you don’t destroy the asphalt. 

Use of cutting agents

Cutting agents are used to make the material bendable and pliableUse kerosene or any lighter petroleum that is easily available. Break down the solid tarmac and spread the liquid over it. This will result in less sticky, more compact, and easy to use, after a short time.



This technique is mostly adopted by experts who have the requisite road-building equipments. Firstly the tarmac is collected up in a special machine where it is mixed with heated air. Air with large velocity and heat at a minimal thermal position is used to restore it to a thickness of 50mm.

After recovering the softened condition, it is put down uniformly. The cold-laying elements stay undamaged, and emissions are not generated. This time-saving solution is quick and more effective.


For places that demand a rapid patch or minor repairs, cold lay tarmac is the ideal option. The characteristics listed above will assist in determining how to better use it, and following the guidelines on the box is essential.  To guarantee that the task is done correctly, professional assistance might be enlisted.