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It’s time to have a new Tarmac driveway?

Tarmac Driveway

Parking on a driveway full of potholes is just as bad as driving on a rough road with them.

Because it’s so critical to the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, your driveway should always be in good condition and ready to amaze guests and neighbours alike.

It’s a shame that not every property owner knows exactly when it’s time to get driveway repair done, but thankfully Bestco Surfacing does! So you don’t have to wait until problems become worse before replacing your driveway, they’ve compiled this advice based on the expertise of their staff.



Cracking is one of the most obvious symptoms that your driveway needs either a total replacement or at the the least, some repair work done to it. Old age is the most common reason, but there are countless additional things to consider, including the presence of large cars or items on the driveway.

Cracks in your driveway’s surface are not only unsightly, but they can provide a pathway for more serious harm. Fissures in your driveway may allow substances like oil, gas, salt, and more to reach the foundation of your driveway, causing severe harm to the surface by expanding the cracks.


Another clue that your driveway needs to be resurfaced is if you see any potholes. Like potholes on the road, they are generally caused by the constant wear and tear caused by the weight of cars and harsh weather conditions. The wheels and suspension of a vehicle may be severely damaged if you drive or park over a pothole, as well as other elements of the vehicle.

Drainage is of poor quality.

If you see an increase in flooding on the surface of your driveway, it may be time to look at the drainage system that has been put in your driveway. As a point of reference, most driveways are constructed with a modest incline to allow water to drain into the road network’s drainage system. Excess water not only degrades the appearance, but it also weakens the surface, increasing the likelihood of fractures and potholes.


The presence of any flora in your driveway is a negative indication in more ways than one. If your driveway is bordered by grass, it is natural for weeds to grow on the sides, but if you see weeds growing in the centre of your driveway, you should take action right once. Weeds may be able to sprout through the surface layer if the driveway’s foundation has been damaged or weathered over time.

Not having a really good appearance

There is no other way to put it, but if your driveway is in poor condition because of its age, you may need a new one. It’s reasonable to state that the driveway will lose its visual appeal after many years of exposure to different weather conditions, including UV radiation, chemicals, and everyday usage.