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What is Asphalt and How is it Used?


We see and use it every day of our lives, but few of us will ever give it much thought. Asphalt is found all over the country on roads and driveways, and at Border Surfacing we have built our business on creating stunning surfaces using this fantastic natural resource. But what is asphalt, and how do we use it to create the tarmac surfacing in Cardiff and asphalt driveways that have built up our reputation for delivering high quality results?

Well the first thing to say is that, strictly speaking, what we use on driveways and roads isn’t asphalt, but more of an asphalt compound. Asphalt in its purest form is a hydrocarbon that is derived from the waste materials left over following the manufacturing of petrol, kerosene and diesel fuels; a by-product that is left behind after the more desirable elements have been removed.

To create the material we need to produce our asphalt driveways we first have to heat it up until it is the consistency of tar, although we can regulate the temperature to achieve different consistencies. We then mix this semi-solid asphalt with other materials, such as crushed stone, sand or gravel, to produce the compound that we can then use to create the surface.

It is the strong and effective binding quality that asphalt provides that makes it such a valuable tool to builders and companies like ours. The fact that it takes a long time to wear away is also a significant advantage that is essential in creating surfaces that are built to last.

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